Future-Proof License Management Solutions

Future-Proof License Management Solutions

Make the Most of Your Brand Potential!

Licensing – a business model with 1, 2, even 3 winners! But only those who create a secure and transparent framework for their partners right from the start will benefit from transferring their usage rights and generating lasting appreciation among their supporters.  

Here at LEONHARD KURZ, we are all about this team spirit. In order to develop the best security solutions for your license management, we combine the strengths of our two industry specialists TRUSTCONCEPT® and SCRIBOS to create a win-win situation for you. With in-depth knowledge in security labels and many years of expertise in authentication software, you can experience product protection in unprecedented efficiency – the best basis for securing the trust of your business partners and working towards a successful future together.  

More than just partners for brand protection and licensing management

Security – Transparency – Trust

These three pillars are what characterizes a profitable partnership between licensor, licensee, and end customer. The accelerated shift to the digital world is making it increasingly difficult for companies to maintain this foundation for their business. Networking between analog products and virtual sales is needed – after all, safeguarding your revenues is at stake.

Count on the KURZ Group:

  1. Reliable and sustainable counterfeit protection
  2. Smart license management
  3. Digital platform for process control
  4. Extended options for end customer acquisition

Security Labels for Licensed Products


TRUSTCONCEPT® security labels reliably protect your licensed products against counterfeiting. At the core of our counterfeit protection technology are the customizable, visual security features of TRUSTSEAL® Protect. The unique designs are specially created to your requirements and offer maximum product protection. Attached as a hangtag or in the form of self-adhesive labels and the like, they are an easy way to convince your customers of the authenticity of your product. 

ValiGate® Copy Protection Technology

Next-Generation QR Codes

Our customizable security labels are the bridge between the real and the digital world: Our new ValiGate® copy protection technology implements a tamper-proof sub-structure to easily verify a QR code with a single smartphone scan in real time. The verification of our dual encryption algorithm discovers every counterfeit attempt immediately. Furthermore, you are able to integrate digital marketing campaigns, like virtual bonus programs or voucher promotions, that will delight your fans and strengthen their relationship with your brand. This marks the beginning of a new period of reliable copy protection. 

Take your product protection to the next level!

  1. Tamper-proof counterfeit protection 

  2. Visual and digital authentication 

  3. Expand your customer world with digital offers 

Create a Unique Fan Experience

Customizable security features

Simple authentication process

Link to digital offerings

SCRIBOS 360 – Make Your Communication More Transparent

Our SCRIBOS 360 digital platform offers you the opportunity to exchange ideas directly with your partners and thus strengthen their trust in your joint work. 


Licensors can conveniently control licenses centrally with our software range. Our tool supports you in managing licensees, distributing security labels, and ultimately charging license fees. Continuous reporting and monitoring let you identify market trends more quickly and derive recommendations for action. With straightforward implementation and flexible adaptability, SCRIBOS 360 allows you to easily create your very own, unique brand platform. 


Licensees, on the other hand, enjoy the benefits of a simple order process and have direct access to the latest security labeling. This way, you are always up to date and not needing to worry about losses due to fake security features.  

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